Virgin Islands Stories

A Collection of Blog Posts about the Islands' History

Golfing in the US Virgin Islands

Golfing the Year Round in the Virgin Islands ~ 1951

Do you ever wonder when the sport of golf was popularized in the Virgin Islands? Here’s an interesting article written by Leon A. Mawson in 1951. Golfing the Year Round By Leon A. Mawson “Hi, Golfers! Of the many and varied sports which are being promoted in the Virgin Islands for the recreation and enjoyment of visitors, […]

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Frenchtown, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

How the People of Frenchtown Honor their Heritage

Frenchtown Descendants Many of the ancestors of the small colony of French descendants that occupy the outskirts of Charlotte Amalie originated from the island of Saint Barthelemy during the latter half of the nineteenth century. Long ago, these residents made an honest livelihood by plaiting straw hats and bags, selling fruit, such as oranges and pineapples, and […]

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How Memorial Day was celebrated in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

How Memorial Day was Honored in the Virgin Islands ~ 1935

  How Memorial Day was Honored May 30, 1935 Memorial Day was a solemn holiday recognized as a day of remembrance, similar to All Soul’s Day. It was a day to honor those that had passed on, specifically, fallen soldiers who died while serving in the military. Hundreds of Virgin Islanders joined together to participate in the […]

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all saints episcopal church, st thomas, US Virgin Islands by hans bulow

How All Saints Church Celebrated the Crucifiction on Good Friday ~ 1904

Celebrating Good Friday at All Saint’s Church Visit the Shop!

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V is for Virgin Islands, book by Lavelle L. Peters

V is for Virgin Islands, A New Children’s Book by Lavelle L. Peters

Congratulations to Lavelle, a beautiful Virgin Islander who has just published her first book! I heard her interview with Petter Ottley today and was so moved by her story, I wanted to share it with you. She’s a young mom with two children living in Georgia. She was inspired to write a children’s book for […]

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Dr. Dante Beretta of the US Virgin Islands

A Beretta Family Presentation Given at the Caribbean Genealogy Library

A Presentation by Dr. Dante Beretta Dr. Beretta and I share a passion for family history! He has written several articles about his research in the Virgin Islands and throughout the Caribbean regarding his Beretta and Dinzey families and have shared them here on the blog. In this video, he gathered all of his material […]

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Mosquito Island and Others for Sale in the British Virgin Islands ~ 1903

The Virgin Islands in 1903 © The Royal Danish Library Mosquito Island for Sale You can learn so much about the history of the islands through the old newspapers.  Here’s an advertisement for Mosquito Island and Spring Bay Estate and others with the size of the livestock herds as well as the small cultivations they […]

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10 Antique Views of the Virgin Islands Available for Sale

Antique Views of the Virgin Islands For those who love collecting Virgin Islands memorabilia, there’s a rare album created by F.M. Corneiro available on eBay today. Inside, are ten views of St. Thomas including, Fort Christian, Government house and many of the local churches. This is a one-of-a-kind collection. Have a look at previous treasures […]

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cakes, virgin islands cuisine,

A Taste of Virgin Islands Cuisine

Virgin Islands cuisine, cakes, tarts and sweet desserts, Photo by © Ronald R. Walker Love the cuisine in the Virgin Islands? Here are the top-ranked food recipes curated from youtube of some of the popular dishes found throughout the US and the British Virgin Islands. Happy cooking and Bon appetite! Virgin Islands Pates Potato Stuffing Funji Fish […]

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