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St Thomas Main Street

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US Virgin Islands History

Virgin Islands Transfer Day Ceremony Video ~ 1917

Transfer Day Ceremony ~ 1917

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St. Thomas Travelogue: In the Wake of the Bucaneers Video ~ 1936

St. Thomas Travelogue ~ 1936

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Bluebeard's castle, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Bluebeard’s Castle, A Poem by Cyril Creque ~ 1920s

Bluebeard’s Castle By Cyril Creque Round the tower where legends have had their decay– Above me a mild blue, below […]

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Virgin Islands Catch and keep plant

Thorny Catch-and-Keep: The Country Policeman of our Islands’ Past by Dr. Dante Beretta

[Warning:  Some of the content, language, and accompanying documents of this article may be uncomfortable to some.  Nonetheless, the author […]

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Golfing in the US Virgin Islands

Golfing the Year Round in the Virgin Islands ~ 1951

Do you ever wonder when the sport of golf was popularized in the Virgin Islands? Here’s an interesting article written by […]

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Frenchtown, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

How the People of Frenchtown Honor their Heritage

Frenchtown Descendants Many of the ancestors of the small colony of French descendants that occupy the outskirts of Charlotte Amalie […]

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Crowds at King's Wharf, St. Thomas, Danish West Indies US Virgin Islands

How Memorial Day was Honored in the Virgin Islands ~ 1935

  How Memorial Day was Honored May 30, 1935 Memorial Day was a solemn holiday recognized as a day of remembrance, […]

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V is for Virgin Islands, book by Lavelle L. Peters

V is for Virgin Islands, A New Children’s Book by Lavelle L. Peters

Congratulations to Lavelle, a beautiful Virgin Islander who has just published her first book! I heard her interview with Petter […]

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Dr. Dante Beretta of the US Virgin Islands

A Beretta Family Presentation Given at the Caribbean Genealogy Library

A Presentation by Dr. Dante Beretta Dr. Beretta and I share a passion for family history! He has written several […]

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cakes, virgin islands cuisine,

A Taste of Virgin Islands Cuisine

Virgin Islands cuisine, cakes, tarts and sweet desserts, Photo by © Ronald R. Walker Love the cuisine in the Virgin […]

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Reef Bay House, St. john, US Virgin Isands, DAnsk Vestindien, Danish West indies

The History of the Reef Bay Estate House in St. John by Charles E. Hatch, Jr. ~ 1969

The History of the Reef Bay Estate House So much of St. John’s history has been lost over time. The […]

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Frenchtown, US Virgin Islands, Dansk Vestindien, Danish West indies

Fun Memories of Frenchtown by Larry Gumbs

Fun Memories of Frenchtown by Larry Gumbs If you love the sea and the vessels that sail upon it, then […]

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Leah Sasso weds St Thomas, US Virgin Islands, 1955

The Island Wedding of the Century, Miss Leah Sasso and Mr. William Stevens Tie the Knot ~ 1955

The Island Wedding of the Century! Leah Sasso and Bill Stevens The island of St. Thomas was and still is […]

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Hope for Happier Days in St. Thomas ~ 1922

This little poem was found in the old newspapers at a time when the arrival of a new governor gave […]

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st thomas in color three hills

Now, A Poem by Antonio Jarvis ~ 1920s

View of St. Thomas, Danish West Indies, later the US Virgin Islands Antonio Jarvis wrote many beautiful poems and short […]

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75 Acres of Denis Bay Estate on St. John For Sale ~ 1920s

Denis Bay Dennis Bay, situated on the northern end of St. John, has a beautiful, sandy beach. A long time ago, […]

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A Pretty Dock Scene Print for Sale of the Virgin Islands

Pretty Dock Scene  Hundreds of artists have been captivated by the natural beauty of the Virgin Islands. Some artists we […]

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Caneel Bay Dock, St. John, US Virgin Islands

Cruz Bay, From Conquest to Exploitation, A Forgotten History by David W. Knight Sr.

  St. John, US Virgin Islands Cruz Bay, From Conquest to Exploitation A Forgotten History by David W. Knight Sr. […]

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Where Denmark’s Son’s are Sleeping, A Peom by C.M. Conrad ~ 1922

Where Denmark’s Son’s are Sleeping By C.M. Conrad The western sun is sinking low in clouds of gold and crimson, […]

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Carnival Time in the Virgin islands ~ 1958

Carnival Time Carnival time is a festive time in the Virgin islands! Thousands visit the islands to celebrate its history […]

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Beautiful Painting by Riis Carstensen of St. Thomas, Danish West Indies

Saint Thomas, A Poem by Edwin W. Pope ~ 1920s

Saint Thomas A beautiful poem By Edwin W. Pope In the center of these, our Antilles Ever fanned by the […]

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sunset in virgin islands, 1945

The Virgin Islands are Really Dead! ~ 1945

A Postcard Home During War Times “Dearest Mom and Dad, Just a card to let you know that I’m still […]

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Jewish Soldier Stationed in St. Thomas Writes Interesting Letter Home ~ 1942

Auctioned Items Available An archive of seven letters, written between October 10 and December 26, 1942, by a Jewish soldier […]

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Charles Lindbergh, The Flier with the Eagle Eye ~ 1928

Colonel Charles Lindbergh It was a landmark occasion when the infamous aviator, Charles Lindbergh touched down on the western end of […]

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Interested in the history of the Danish West Indies?

Here are a few stories ...

The History of the St. Thomas Wharf Dem by Dr. Dante Beretta

Virgin Islands Transfer Day Ceremony Video ~ 1917

Beautiful Cruz Bay Painting by Andreas Riis Carstensen up for Auction ~ 1903

The Oldest Inhabitant from St. John Dies ~ 1909

How the Moravian Church in St. John Celebrated their First Harvest Festival ~ 1901

Rare Pissarro Drawing from St. Thomas on Exhibit in London by Dr. Dante Beretta

Who was the First Local Band to Play in the Emancipation Garden? ~ 1907

How Hotel Italia in St. Thomas Became a Popular Movie Venue During World War I by Dr. Dante Beretta

8 Christmas Carols Sung in St. Croix ~ 1912

Thorny Catch-and-Keep: The Country Policeman of our Islands’ Past by Dr. Dante Beretta

How All Saints Church Celebrated the Crucifiction on Good Friday ~ 1904

10 Antique Views of the Virgin Islands Available for Sale

Close Call for Two St. John Fishermen When Their Boat Capsized ~ 1908

5 Working Conditions for Agricultural Laborers from the British West Indies in St. Croix ~ 1864

Pass It On, An Inspirational Poem ~ 1913

How St. Thomas Became Known as a City of Music and Laughter ~ 1892

What Drinking Does, Its Effects Upon Society, Business, Politics, and Religion ~ 1916

Transfer Day, An Engaging Historical Thriller by Sophie Schiller

The Earliest Known Telephone Subscribers in St. Thomas ~ 1909

Valkyrien’s Band Marches Through Frederiksted ~ 1916

A Lecture by Adolph Sixto at the Apollo Theatre, After the War, What? ~ 1915

St. Thomas, One of the Most Beautiful Spots in the World ~ 1905

13 Regulations for the Teachers of the Public Schools in St. Croix ~ 1900s

Africa Arise, An Inspirational Poem by Charles A. Emanuel ~ 1912

11 Different Uses for St. Johns Bay Rum ~ 1917

The Loss of the Anegada Sloop, FIDDLER ~ 1906

High School Reunion Sparks Appreciaton for Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church and School

A Rare Photograph of the First Carnival Festival in the Danish West Indies ~ 1912

Over 230 Books Recommended by the Nisky Sunday School in St. Thomas ~ 1912

J.H. Fechtenburg Offers the Best Prices on Wines, Whiskies and Liqueurs ~ 1912

16 Rules and Instructions for Midwives in St. Croix ~ 1884

Where Denmark’s Son’s are Sleeping, A Peom by C.M. Conrad ~ 1922

St. Thomas Lager Beer, The Most Suitable Beer for the Tropical Climate ~ 1910

The St. Thomas Census ~ 1901

How Whit Monday was Celebrated in St. John ~ 1906

The New St. Thomas Cricket Team Wins the Match! ~ 1895

A Military Funeral for a German Marine ~ 1914

Peter H. Thurland, A Jeweler of Distinction Passes Away ~ 1913

What Happened to Little Asta Lawaetz ~ 1915

13 Sunday School Scriptures to Know ~ 1914

Very Fair and Full of Promise is the Island of St. Thomas ~ 1868

Honoring the Anniversary of TRANSFER DAY ~ 1917

A Historical Account of the Slave Insurrection on St. John ~ 1733

New Book! ~ Runaway Virgins by Enrique Corneiro

Who Was David Hamilton Jackson?

My Emancipated Ancestors by Dr. Dante Beretta

Amazing Harbor Painting of St. Thomas by Carl Ludwig Bille Up For Auction ~ 1868

Newly Discovered Camille Pissarro Painting Up For Auction!

Cultural Adaptation & Resistance on St. John Book by Karen Fog Olwig

190 Vintage Photographs of the Danish West Indies Up for Auction!

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