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Ever wonder what the Virgin Islands was like 100 years ago?

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Curious about the history of the Virgin Islands?

Are you curious about the history of the US Virgin Islands or the British Virgin Islands?

Here are some interesting stories we think you'll like...

Mosquito Island and Others for Sale in the British Virgin Islands ~ 1903

The Virgin Islands in 1903 © The Royal Danish Library Mosquito Island for Sale You can learn so much about […]

10 Antique Views of the Virgin Islands Available for Sale

Antique Views of the Virgin Islands For those who love collecting Virgin Islands memorabilia, there’s a rare album created by […]

cakes, virgin islands cuisine,

A Taste of Virgin Islands Cuisine

Virgin Islands cuisine, cakes, tarts and sweet desserts, Photo by © Ronald R. Walker Love the cuisine in the Virgin […]

Fishing Boat off St. John, Danish West Indies, Dansk Vestindien, US Virgin Islands

Close Call for Two St. John Fishermen When Their Boat Capsized ~ 1908

Fishermen’s Boat Capsizes Two local fishermen swam for their lives using nothing but the buoys from their fishpots to stay […]

Reef Bay House, St. john, US Virgin Isands, DAnsk Vestindien, Danish West indies

The History of the Reef Bay Estate House in St. John by Charles E. Hatch, Jr. ~ 1969

The History of the Reef Bay Estate House So much of St. John’s history has been lost over time. The […]

Frenchtown, US Virgin Islands, Dansk Vestindien, Danish West indies

Fun Memories of Frenchtown by Larry Gumbs

Fun Memories of Frenchtown by Larry Gumbs If you love the sea and the vessels that sail upon it, then […]

Leah Sasso weds St Thomas, US Virgin Islands, 1955

The Island Wedding of the Century, Miss Leah Sasso and Mr. William Stevens Tie the Knot ~ 1955

The Island Wedding of the Century! Leah Sasso and Bill Stevens The island of St. Thomas was and still is […]

Hope for Happier Days in St. Thomas ~ 1922

This little poem was found in the old newspapers at a time when the arrival of a new governor gave […]

5 Working Conditions for Agricultural Laborers from the British West Indies in St. Croix ~ 1864

Working Conditions for Agricultural Laborers  Here is an interesting document found in the Royal Danish Library regarding the conditions under […]

st thomas in color three hills

Now, A Poem by Antonio Jarvis ~ 1920s

View of St. Thomas, Danish West Indies, later the US Virgin Islands Antonio Jarvis wrote many beautiful poems and short […]

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