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How the Moravian Church in St. John Celebrated their First Harvest Festival ~ 1901

What was a Harvest Festival and how was it celebrated in St. John? A Harvest Festival was an annual get […]

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Crowds at King's Wharf, St. Thomas, Danish West Indies US Virgin Islands

How Memorial Day was Honored in the Virgin Islands ~ 1935

  How Memorial Day was Honored May 30, 1935 Memorial Day was a solemn holiday recognized as a day of remembrance, […]

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Leah Sasso weds St Thomas, US Virgin Islands, 1955

The Island Wedding of the Century, Miss Leah Sasso and Mr. William Stevens Tie the Knot ~ 1955

The Island Wedding of the Century! Leah Sasso and Bill Stevens The island of St. Thomas was and still is […]

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1912 Carnival in St. Thomas, DAnish West Indies

A Rare Photograph of the First Carnival Festival in the Danish West Indies ~ 1912

Celebrating the First Carnival Festival Here’s an old advertisement for the first carnival festival held in the Danish West Indies […]

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Carnival Time in the Virgin islands ~ 1958

Carnival Time Carnival time is a festive time in the Virgin islands! Thousands visit the islands to celebrate its history […]

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on the dock Tortola, British Virgin Islands, August Monday

How Tortola Celebrated The August Monday Festival ~ 1929

August Monday Festival August Monday–a holiday set aside in remembrance of Emancipation was celebrated in gala style in the year 1929. The […]

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How Whit Monday was Celebrated in St. John ~ 1906

Discovering a Clue to this Postcard’s Identity Unbeknownst to me, this postcard image held one important clue to its date […]

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How Fort Christian Became a National Registered Landmark ~ 1977

Fort Christian Under Governor Cyril King, Fort Christian became certified as a National Historic Landmark ~ 1977 He officially accepted […]

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St. John July 4th Parade, US Virgin Islands in 2019

Pictures from the St. John July 4th Parade ~ 2019

The St. John July 4th Parade Shop VI History!

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Honoring Transfer Day in the Danish West Indies, later the US Virgin Islands ~ 1917 By Valerie Sims

Honoring the Anniversary of TRANSFER DAY ~ 1917

Today marks the 105th anniversary of the transfer of the Danish West Indies to the United States of America. Fearing Germany’s advances on […]

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Charles Lindburgh's plane and flower girl, Margie Creque in St. Thomas ,US Virgin Islands by Valerie Sims

Could This Be Charles Lindbergh’s Flower Girl? ~ 1928

Family Story: True or Not? Have you ever been told a fascinating story about a member of your family and […]

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Happy Thanksgiving Day from the US Virgin Islands.

Happy Thanksgiving from the US Virgin Islands!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family, past, and present. ❤ Thanksgiving for Little Joys 1921 Dear God, from my small world […]

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