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creque marine railway

Creque Family Stories

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What’s Inside the Mystery Cave at John Brewers Bay ~ 1929

John Brewer’s Bay The cave set high above the Estate of John Brewers Bay on the Western end of St. Thomas has intrigued visitors for years. Tales of hidden treasure […]

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Charles Lindburgh's plane and flower girl, Margie Creque in St. Thomas ,US Virgin Islands by Valerie Sims

Could This Be Charles Lindbergh’s Flower Girl? ~ 1928

Family Story: True or Not? Have you ever been told a fascinating story about a member of your family and attempted to verify it, only to be frustrated by what […]

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Creque's Alley, St. Thomas, USVI

A Haunting Experience Above Creque’s Alley #3 in St. Thomas

Creque’s Alley Number 3 This alley, located in St. Thomas, was said to be haunted during the 1930s. 👻 My grandmother lived upstairs with her husband and told us many […]

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Happy Thanksgiving Day from the US Virgin Islands.

Happy Thanksgiving from the US Virgin Islands!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family, past, and present. ❤ Thanksgiving for Little Joys 1921 Dear God, from my small world of commonplaces, Of homely tasks and dear loved, circling faces, […]

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Creque's Chevrolet, Creque's Alley, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Creque’s Alley and the Famous Folk Band, The Mamas and the Papas

The History of Creque’s Alley Did you know that Creque’s Alley was named for the Main Street merchant, Henry O. Creque? When he purchased the three warehouse buildings and alleyways […]

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Billy Bones Beach Bar & Grill, Norman Islands, British Virgin Islands menu

Rare Billy Bones Beach Bar Menu Up For Sale!

While scrolling through ebay today, I came across an interesting find! It was a dinner menu from a restaurant my husband and I opened in 1997! It brought back a flood of […]

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Henry Creque Ten pounds

The Ten Pound Baby!

Ten Pound Baby 🍼 Have you ever discovered articles about your family in the old newspapers?  I’ve been thrilled to find as many as I have for our family. Here’s […]

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Creque Marine Railway

See the Damage to the Creque Marine Railway After Hurricanes Irma and Maria

Before Hurricane Damage The Creque Marine Railway is a special, historic property that first became a part of our family’s holdings in 1910. While visiting over Christmas, I had the […]

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Francis Bay, St. John, US Virgin Islands

My Mother’s Memories of Mary’s Point ~ 1940s

Have you ever been to Francis Bay beach on St. John? 🌴 It’s one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and a part of the Virgin Islands National […]

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How Greek Mythology influenced our ancestor's passions ~ 1918

How Greek Mythology Influenced Our Ancestor’s Passions ~ 1918

Family Heirlooms Have you ever wondered about the history behind your family’s heirlooms? I was always an inquisitive child, constantly questioning my grandmother about her priceless treasures. Her parent’s home was filled […]

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Hurricane of 1867, British Virgin Islands history, Danish West Indies history, By Valerie Sims

ON THIS DAY, The Devastating Hurricane of 1867 hit the British Virgin Islands and Danish West Indies

ON THIS DAY, the costliest and deadliest hurricane of 1867, hit the British Virgin Islands and the Danish West Indies! My 2x great-grandfather was just 9 years old. He spent that […]

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bargain store, 40 Kings Street-min

Running a Mom and Pop Shop in St. Croix ~ 1900

Ever wonder what the mom-and-pop stores sold in the Danish West Indies? Generally speaking, EVERYTHING!  Our forefather opened several stores in his lifetime, each with an eclectic collection of items from various […]

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