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Creque Family Stories

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Marlene and Diane walker

What College Friends Believed About the US Virgin Islands ~ 1950s

Off to College In 1953, our mother and her sister graduated from Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic High School.   Both were the receiver of awards at their graduation ceremony. […]

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First revival majorettes

First Carnival Majorette Group! ~ 1952

Did you know that the first Carnival in the history of the Virgin Islands was celebrated in 1912? Donkey races, costumed riders, boat races, and confetti battles took place before the […]

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Trepuk, Danish West Indies, History, Henry O Creque, St. Thomas, 1902

How a Heartfelt Letter Written 100 Years Ago Still Has Meaning ~ 1902

As I perused through fragile, old letters and newspaper clippings that have been saved by many generations in our family, there was one hand-written letter that stood out among the rest! 📝 It […]

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Piano baby

How a Small, Ceramic Ornament Brought Back Memories of Childhood ~ 1930s

Have you ever encountered an object from your childhood that you haven’t seen in years, and all of a sudden, a flood of memories returned that you had long forgotten? […]

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graduation party

How Graduation Celebrations at Lindbergh Bay Became the Best Memories ~ 1953

I smile every time I see this photograph of my mother and her friends!😊 As teenagers, she and her closest cousins loved the beach! Lindbergh Bay, Magens Bay, and Lindquist Beach were […]

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President Franklin D. Roosevelt vists St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands ~ 1934 By Valerie Sims

Thousands Greeted President Franklin D. Roosevelt On His Virgin Islands Visit ~ 1934

From L to R: Honorable Herman O. Creque, representing St. John (great-grandfather), Unknown Council member, Honorable Herbert E. Lockhart, Unknown Council member, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Mrs. Edna Pearson, the […]

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Touring the big ship Malakka in Thomas, US Virgin Islands ~ 1914 By Valerie Sims

A Few Lucky Residents Tour a One of a Kind Wonder Before She Sunk ~ 1914

Many generations of our family have loved touring the vessels that anchored off St Thomas. ⚓  Watching movies on the Carla C, climbing through the USS Nimitz, posing with the Cadets on the Horst […]

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Honoring All Soul's Day in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands ~ 1930s By Valerie Sims

How ALL SOUL’S DAY Was Honored ~ 1930s

  Generations of our family were raised in the Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in St. Thomas.  Every year, we followed the traditions of the Catholic faith, celebrating and […]

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The Loss of the Proteus ~ 1941

The Loss of a Loved One Aboard the SS Proteus ~ 1941

As I was flipping though the pages of an old album, a small faded photograph of a sailor in his uniform fell onto the floor!  I picked it up and didn’t […]

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Dancing with the Danmark cadets in the US Virgin islands.

Dancing with the Danmark Cadets ~ 1951

Above, the Governor, Morris F. de Castro observes the Conga line at Government House, while hosting a party for the Danmark cadets. My mother remembers fondly the pretty, lace dress she wore […]

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Leon A Mawson purchases the last commemorative stamp of the US Virgin Islands ~ 1937 By Valerie Sims

Purchasing the FIRST Commemorative Stamp ~ 1937

When the announcement of the issuing of a commemorative stamp for the US Virgin Islands was published, many island citizens were eager to purchase a small part of their heritage! 🇻🇮 On […]

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Visiting a German School Ship in the US Virgin Islands!

Visiting a German School Ship! ~ 1938

I’ve looked at this photograph at least a hundred times, hoping to figure out what vessel our family members were visiting! 🔎 It was obvious to me that it was […]

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