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King Christian's statue in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

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The History of the Danish West Indies

St. Paul’s Episcopal Anglican Church.

8 Christmas Carols Sung in St. Croix ~ 1912

St. Paul’s Episcopal Anglican Church. Courtesy of the Royal Danish library   St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Above is a beautiful […]

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Virgin Islands Catch and keep plant

Thorny Catch-and-Keep: The Country Policeman of our Islands’ Past by Dr. Dante Beretta

[Warning:  Some of the content, language, and accompanying documents of this article may be uncomfortable to some.  Nonetheless, the author […]

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all saints episcopal church, st thomas, US Virgin Islands by hans bulow

How All Saints Church Celebrated the Crucifiction on Good Friday ~ 1904

Celebrating Good Friday at All Saint’s Church Visit the Shop!

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10 Antique Views of the Virgin Islands Available for Sale

Antique Views of the Virgin Islands For those who love collecting Virgin Islands memorabilia, there’s a rare album created by […]

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Fishing Boat off St. John, Danish West Indies, Dansk Vestindien, US Virgin Islands

Close Call for 2 St. John Fishermen When Their Boat Capsized ~ 1908

Fishermen’s Boat Capsizes Two local fishermen swam for their lives using nothing but the buoys from their fishpots to stay […]

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5 Working Conditions for Agricultural Laborers from the British West Indies in St. Croix ~ 1864

Working Conditions for Agricultural Laborers  Here is an interesting document found at the Royal Danish Library regarding the conditions under […]

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happy girls in the US Virgin Islands, Danish West Indies, Dansk Vestindien

Pass It On, An Inspirational Poem ~ 1913

Here’s a little poem to brighten your day, found in the Danish newspapers. 🗞 Pass It On by Rev. Henry Burton […]

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How St. Thomas Became Known as a City of Music and Laughter ~ 1892

A City of Music and Laughter St. Thomas made such an impression on one traveler that he dubbed the island, […]

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What Drink does and its side effects in the Danish West indies

What Drinking Does, Its Effects Upon Society, Business, Politics, and Religion ~ 1916

What Drink Does Here’s a post found at the archives of Royal Danish Library on drinking and its effects. There were […]

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Transfer Day by Sophie Schiller-3

Transfer Day, An Engaging Historical Thriller by Sophie Schiller

 Transfer Day This wonderful book is an action-packed adventure that brings to life a fading West Indian sugar colony in the […]

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Early Telephone subscribers in Danish West Indies, US Virgin Islands

The Earliest Known Telephone Subscribers in St. Thomas ~ 1909

Early St. Thomas Telephone Subscribers When telephone wires were being strung along the streets in St. Thomas, residents were excited! […]

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Valkyrien's Band in Frederiksted, St. Croix, Danish West Indies

Valkyrien’s Band Marches Through Frederiksted ~ 1916

H.M.S. Valkyrien H.M.S. Valkyrien was a Danish ship stationed in the islands in 1915 when unrest and strikes were anticipated among […]

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Apollo Theatre, St. Thomas, Danish West Indies, US Virgin Islands

A Lecture by Adolph Sixto at the Apollo Theatre, After the War, What? ~ 1915

After the War, What? An Interesting Lecture by Adolph Sixto A Full House at the Apollo Theatre Adolph Sixto gave […]

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st thomas in color three hills

St. Thomas, One of the Most Beautiful Spots in the World ~ 1905

The island of St. Thomas was my childhood home. When I came across this wonderful description of it, by Rutherford Corbin, I thought […]

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school teacher

13 Regulations for the Teachers of the Public Schools in St. Croix ~ 1900s

Regulations for Public School Teachers

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Our New Virgin Islands

Africa Arise, An Inspirational Poem by Charles A. Emanuel ~ 1912

The following poem was found in a little book called,  A Souvenir by Charles A. Emanuel from St. Thomas. ~ […]

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st johns bay rum in the Virgin Islandss

11 Different Uses for St. Johns Bay Rum ~ 1917

Different Uses for St. Johns Bay Rum According to this old advertisement, St. Johns Bay Rum was a popular remedy for […]

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The Loss of the Anegada Sloop, FIDDLER ~ 1906

Every time I glance through the old newspapers, I stumble upon the sad news of the loss of another inter-island […]

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Catholic Church

High School Reunion Sparks Appreciaton for Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church and School

A Brief History of Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church The history of the Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church […]

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1912 Carnival in St. Thomas, DAnish West Indies

A Rare Photograph of the First Carnival Festival in the Danish West Indies ~ 1912

Celebrating the First Carnival Festival Here’s an old advertisement for the first carnival festival held in the Danish West Indies […]

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nisky Sunday school

Over 230 Books Recommended by the Nisky Sunday School in St. Thomas ~ 1912

List of Recommended Books Have you read any of these?

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fechtenburg for best wines and whiskies, st thomas, danish West Indies

J.H. Fechtenburg Offers the Best Prices on Wines, Whiskies and Liqueurs ~ 1912

Best Prices on Wines, Whiskies and Liqueurs J.H. Fechtenburg  

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16 Rules and Instructions for Midwives in St. Croix ~ 1884

Rules and Instructions for Midwives

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Where Denmark’s Son’s are Sleeping, A Peom by C.M. Conrad ~ 1922

Where Denmark’s Son’s are Sleeping By C.M. Conrad The western sun is sinking low in clouds of gold and crimson, […]

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