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King Christian's statue in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

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The History of the Danish West Indies

The Loss of the Anegada Sloop, FIDDLER ~ 1906

Every time I glance through the old newspapers, I stumble upon the sad news of the loss of another inter-island […]

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Catholic Church

High School Reunion Sparks Appreciaton for Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church and School

A Brief History of Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church The history of the Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church […]

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1912 Carnival in St. Thomas, DAnish West Indies

A Rare Photograph of the First Carnival Festival in the Danish West Indies ~ 1912

Celebrating the First Carnival Festival Here’s an old advertisement for the first Carnival festival held in the Danish West Indies […]

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nisky Sunday school

Over 230 Books Recommended by the Nisky Sunday School in St. Thomas ~ 1912

List of Recommended Books Have you read any of these?

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fechtenburg for best wines and whiskies, st thomas, danish West Indies

J.H. Fechtenburg Offers the Best Prices on Wines, Whiskies and Liqueurs ~ 1912

Best Prices on Wines, Whiskies, and Liqueurs J.H. Fechtenburg  

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16 Rules and Instructions for Midwives in St. Croix ~ 1884

Rules and Instructions for Midwives

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Where Denmark’s Son’s are Sleeping, A Peom by C.M. Conrad ~ 1922

Where Denmark’s Son’s are Sleeping By C.M. Conrad The western sun is sinking low in clouds of gold and crimson, […]

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St. Thomas Lager Beer, The Most Suitable Beer for the Tropical Climate ~ 1910

St. Thomas Lager Beer, The Most Suitable Beer for the Tropical Climate ~ 1910

St. Thomas Lager Beer Here’s an old advertisement for St. Thomas Lager beer, the most delicious beer on the market! […]

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school kids on step

The St. Thomas Census ~ 1901

The St. Thomas Census Here’s an interesting account of the St. Thomas census found in the old newspapers. Visit the […]

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How Whit Monday was Celebrated in St. John ~ 1906

Discovering a Clue to this Postcard’s Identity Unbeknownst to me, this postcard image held one important clue to its date […]

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The New St. Thomas Cricket Team Wins the Match! ~ 1895

Cricket Cricket was one of the most popular sports played in the Danish West Indies!   The newspapers were filled with […]

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A Military Funeral for a German Marine ~ 1914

Funeral Procession for German Marine Imagine having a loved one die overseas. It must have been tragic for the family to […]

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P.H. Thurland, jeweler

Peter H. Thurland, A Jeweler of Distinction Passes Away ~ 1913

Peter H. Thurland Very rarely is a vintage photograph found with the name and profession of the subject in the […]

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Lawaetz family of st croix

What Happened to Little Asta Lawaetz ~ 1915

The Lawaetz Family The Lawaetz family lived in a beautiful, stately home in Estate Little La Grange on St. Croix.  […]

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Moravian Memorial Church in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

13 Sunday School Scriptures to Know ~ 1914

13 Sunday School Scriptures to Know

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Baerentzen St. Thomas harbor 1856

Very Fair and Full of Promise is the Island of St. Thomas ~ 1868

Harte’s Island of St. Thomas by Bret Harte 1868 When the question of the purchase of the Danish West Indies […]

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Honoring Transfer Day in the Danish West Indies, later the US Virgin Islands ~ 1917 By Valerie Sims

Honoring the Anniversary of TRANSFER DAY ~ 1917

Today marks the 105th anniversary of the transfer of the Danish West Indies to the United States of America. Fearing Germany’s advances on […]

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Estate Caroline of St. John, Danish West Indies

A Historical Account of the Slave Insurrection on St. John ~ 1733

Today marks the anniversary of one of the darkest days in St. John’s history. Below is an account of that […]

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Runaway Virgins New Book by Enrique Corneiro, US Virgin Islands, Danish West Indies

New Book! ~ Runaway Virgins by Enrique Corneiro

Runaway Virgins I recently purchased this brand new book entitled, Runaway Virgins by Enrique Corneiro. It is incredibly moving! Enrique shared over 250 […]

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Who Was David Hamilton Jackson?

  D. Hamilton Jackson D. Hamilton Jackson was an important figure in the struggle for increased civil rights and worker’s rights in […]

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Emancipation in the Danish West Indies

My Emancipated Ancestors by Dr. Dante Beretta

My Emancipated Ancestors By Dr. Dante Beretta On Sunday evening, the 2nd of July 1848, the tutu sounded over western […]

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Carl Ludwig Bille

Amazing Harbor Painting of St. Thomas by Carl Ludwig Bille Up For Auction ~ 1868

Danish West Indies ~ Paintings Beautiful paintings of the Danish West Indies are rare, but they do come up for […]

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Camille Pissarro Painting from the Danish West Indies

Newly Discovered Camille Pissarro Painting Up For Auction!

Portrait of a Boy 1852 – 1855 This rare painting is an incredible find!  It is a Camille Pissarro painting, […]

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Cinnamon Bay by Fritz Melbye painting

Cultural Adaptation & Resistance on St. John Book by Karen Fog Olwig

Here’s an interesting book about the history of St. John that I’m planning on reading this summer. Below you’ll find […]

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