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Peter farm hospital, 1916 hurricane 1916

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Deadly Disasters

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The Loss of the Spider ~ 1916 By Valerie Sims

The Disappearance of the British Sloop, SPIDER During a Hurricane ~ 1916

St. Thomas was struck by one of the most destructive hurricanes in the history of the Danish West Indies! ⚡ The […]

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The schooner, Fancy Me, from Tortola 1926

The Sinking of the FANCY ME ~ 1926

Launching The Fancy Me  The Fancy Me was a locally-built schooner that became infamous when she was lost in a hurricane with […]

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The Burning of the Telegraph Office in St. Thomas, Danish West Indies ~ 1909 By Valerie Sims

Fire Destroys the St. Thomas Telegraph Office ~ 1909

On this day in 1909, a horrific fire destroyed the iconic building which housed the Telegraph Office in St. Thomas! The […]

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grumman goose

All Passengers Survive After Seaplane Goes Down! ~ 1978

    In the late 1970s, our volleyball team from Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic school traveled to St. Croix […]

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Auctioning the EDGEWOOD in St. Thomas, Danish West Indies ~ 1920 By Valerie Sims

See the Four-Masted Schooner Before She was Destroyed by Fire ~ 1920

Our ancestors purchased many of their properties at auctions! They bought Cane Garden Bay, Carrot Bay, a portion of Peter Island and Norman Island in the […]

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The Loss of the British sloop, SYRIA off St. Thomas, Danish West Indies ~ 1912 By Valerie Sims

Sad Sea Catastrophe: The Loss of the British Sloop, SYRIA ~ 1912

The history of the Creque family is filled with intrigue and adventure!   However, it also has its fair share of calamities. Six branches […]

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The Fate of the Mail Boat, TO WINDWARD from the US Virgin Islands ~ 1932 By Valerie Sims

How the Crew Survived its Sinking ~ 1932

During the 1920s and 1930s, the yawl, To Windward transported mail and passengers between the islands.  Its owner was Captain Christian Moller. On […]

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The Loss of a Loved One Aboard the SS Proteus ~ 1941

As I was flipping though the pages of an old album, a small faded photograph of a sailor in his uniform […]

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