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St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, Fishing

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St. Croix, US Virgin Islands History

V is for Virgin Islands, book by Lavelle L. Peters

V is for Virgin Islands, A New Children’s Book by Lavelle L. Peters

Congratulations to Lavelle, a beautiful Virgin Islander who has just published her first book! I heard her interview with Petter […]

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cakes, virgin islands cuisine,

A Taste of Virgin Islands Cuisine

Virgin Islands cuisine, cakes, tarts and sweet desserts, Photo by © Ronald R. Walker Love the cuisine in the Virgin […]

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Vintage St. Croix Photographs ~ 1963

St. Croix Photographs        

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Who Was David Hamilton Jackson?

  D. Hamilton Jackson D. Hamilton Jackson was an important figure in the struggle for increased civil rights and worker’s rights in […]

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Trumpetbush Flowers

Can You Name the National Flower of the US Virgin Islands?

 Can you name the National Flower of the US Virgin Islands? It’s the Yellow Cedar! Sometimes it’s called Ginger Thomas, […]

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Come Back To The Virgin Isles ~ 1957

Come Back to the Virgin Isles Bill La Motta was one of the most talented pianists, organists, composers and arrangers from […]

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1956, Redbook Magazine about the romantic Virgin Islands

The Romantic Virgin Islands ~ 1956

The Romantic Virgin Islands ~ 1956 Redbook Magazine shared a wonderful article about the romantic Virgin Islands in their September […]

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Cane Bay Plantation, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

Cane Bay Plantation, A lovely Spot ~ 1969

You can easily understand why visitors found the Virgin Islands so captivating by reading some of the old postcards they sent. 📧 […]

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Estate Concordia on St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

Rare Document Collection Up For Sale From Estate Concordia on St. Croix

Estate Concordia Documents There’s a rare collection of documents about St. Croix’s history on sale today! The documents cover Estate […]

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inauguration of paul m pearson

First Civilian Governor of the Virgin Islands Inaugurated ~ 1931

Today in VI History On this day, March 18, 1931, the first civilian governor of the US Virgin Islands was […]

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Unknown painting in Virgin Islands

Do You Recognize This Pretty Lady From St. Croix? ~ 1939

Helen C. Taylor Not much is known about Helen C. Taylor, the artist that created this beautiful pastel painting of […]

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First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt visits the US Virgin Islands in 1934 by Valerie Sims

First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt Visits the US Virgin Islands ~ 1934

Today in VI History On this day, March 7, 1934, the First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt visited the US Virgin Islands. […]

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St. Croix Government House Declared a National Historic Site ~ 1932

Today in VI History The Government House in Christiansted, St. Croix was declared a Virgin Islands National Historic Site ~ March […]

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Leo S. Carty paintings of the US Virgin Islands

Beautiful Prints of the US Virgin Islands by Leo S. Carty

Leo S. Carty I love Leo Carty’s paintings of the Virgin Islands! 🎨 They’re beautiful! Don’t you think? His scenes […]

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St. Croix Masqueraders Painting by Walt Dehner

Who is the True Artist Behind this St. Croix Carnival Painting?

St. Croix Carnival Masqueraders I love finding pretty paintings of the Virgin Islands, whether at an art show, auction or online.  […]

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St. Croix Hook bracelets, US Virgin Islands, Jewelry

Do You Know the Story Behind these St. Croix-Designed Hook Bracelets?

St. Croix Hook Bracelet Have you seen these popular St. Croix-designed hook bracelets or are you lucky enough to own […]

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Charles Hawes painting of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

Charles Hawes Paints Some of the Prettiest Paintings of St. Croix!

Charles Hawes Artists have found the beauty of the Virgin Islands captivating since the beginning of time. ⛱ Charles Hawes, […]

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A Mystery Woman from US Virgin Islands by Winold Reiss

Who is this Mystery Woman?

Who is this Mystery Woman? This image of a woman from the US Virgin Islands is part of a special […]

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donkeys in st John

Beautiful Sketches Found by Artist, Margaret Casey Gates ~ 1936

Margaret Casey Gates   Casey’s Sketchbook  Discovered in a faded black notebook at the Archives of American Art in Washington DC […]

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Queen Margrethe II of Denmark visits the U.S. Virgin Islands.

A Visit by Queen Margrethe II of Denmark ~ 1976

Queen Margrethe II Queen Margrethe II and her family’s visit to the islands was a monumental event for many! I […]

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The Inauguration of the FIRST civilian Governor, Paul M. Pearson in the US Virgin Islands ~ 1931 By Valerie Sims

The Inauguration of the FIRST Civilian Governor ~ 1931

Photo: G.T. Small On March 18, 1931, anticipation grew to new heights as a record crowd of 7,000 residents gathered at […]

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Miss Louise Stallings performs in the US Virgin Islands in 1932.

Louise Stallings Performs For Those Less Fortunate ~ 1932

Governor Paul M. Pearson was a great supporter of the arts!   In 1932, he invited Miss Louise Stallings, a young American soprano to perform. […]

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Interested in the history of St. Croix under the Danish flag?

Here are a few stories ...

8 Christmas Carols Sung in St. Croix ~ 1912

Thorny Catch-and-Keep: The Country Policeman of our Islands’ Past by Dr. Dante Beretta

5 Working Conditions for Agricultural Laborers from the British West Indies in St. Croix ~ 1864

Pass It On, An Inspirational Poem ~ 1913

What Drinking Does, Its Effects Upon Society, Business, Politics, and Religion ~ 1916

Valkyrien’s Band Marches Through Frederiksted ~ 1916

13 Regulations for the Teachers of the Public Schools in St. Croix ~ 1900s

Africa Arise, An Inspirational Poem by Charles A. Emanuel ~ 1912

11 Different Uses for St. Johns Bay Rum ~ 1917

16 Rules and Instructions for Midwives in St. Croix ~ 1884

Where Denmark’s Son’s are Sleeping, A Peom by C.M. Conrad ~ 1922

Peter H. Thurland, A Jeweler of Distinction Passes Away ~ 1913

What Happened to Little Asta Lawaetz ~ 1915

13 Sunday School Scriptures to Know ~ 1914

New Book! ~ Runaway Virgins by Enrique Corneiro

My Emancipated Ancestors by Dr. Dante Beretta

190 Vintage Photographs of the Danish West Indies Up for Auction!

Rare Document Collection Up For Sale From Estate Concordia on St. Croix

A Romantic History of St. Croix Book by Florence Lewisoln

10 Books David Hamilton Jackson Recommended You Read ~ 1916

Saint Croix 1770 – 1776 book by Robert Amandus Johnson

Fireburn Book by Apple Gidley

Christopher Columbus Visits the Virgin Islands ~ 1493

Honoring Hurricane Heroes Past and Present

Collecting Postcards From The Past

Local Star Gazers Turned out to See a Solar Eclipse ~ 1897

The Thrills and Dangers of Animal-Driven Carts ~ 1906

Pot Sellers of St. Croix ~ 1907

44 Ships Belonging to the North Atlantic Fleet Pass St. Croix ~ 1917

Honoring Alexander Hamilton’s Birthday

Rebuilding a Sunken Sailboat ~ 1916

Running a Mom and Pop Shop in St. Croix ~ 1900

How the VALKYRIEN’S Band Honored Their Commander ~ 1916

The Landing of Colonel Theodore Roosevelt in St. Croix ~ 1916