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The Maritime History of the US Virgin Islands

The Fate of the “Pride of Tortola” ~ 1966

The Pride of Tortola The Pride of Tortola was a 65-foot island schooner once owned by Rudolph Hodge. She was […]

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The Cruise of the Diablesse in the Danish West Indies ~ 1914

The Yacht, Diablesse Visits St. Thomas ~ 1914

#OnThisDay in 1914, one of my favorite authors sailed into Charlotte Amalie harbor. Captain Frederic A. Fenger, was an adventurous […]

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Admiral Henry T. Mayo, Commander of the North American Fleet passes St. Croix, Danish West Indies ~ 1917 By Valerie Sims

44 Ships Belonging to the North Atlantic Fleet Pass St. Croix ~ 1917

Imagine looking out to the horizon and seeing a flotilla of battleships coming into view.  This happened in 1917 on […]

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Hurricane damage Derrick barge K-15 hauled at the Creque Marine Railway, Hassel Island, US Virgin Islands ~ 1933 By Valerie Sims

How Derrick Barges Help the Maritime Industry ~ 1933

The September 1932 hurricane wreaked havoc on the maritime industry in the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Boat owners […]

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Rebuilding a Sunken Sailboat ~ 1916

Rebuilding a Sunken Sailboat ~ 1916

The Schooner, Eagle Last year, I shared a fascinating story about the inter-island sloop, Eagle. Included were rare photographs of her crew […]

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German cruiser, KARLSRUHE visits St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands ~ 1932 By Valerie Sims

Thrilling Experience Touring A German Cruiser ~ 1932

The Karlsruhe was launched in 1927 and carried 635 men including 30 officers. Photo Source: U.S. Naval History & Heritage […]

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El caribe, ship

Repairing the EL CARIBE by Hand ~ 1937

In 1937, this huge oil tanker hit a coral reef near Saona Island off the southeastern tip of the Dominican […]

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The schooner, ZUHRAH at the Creque Marine Railway on Hassel Island ~ 1920 By Valerie Sims

Finding a Few Photographs and Invoices Keeps One Schooner’s History Alive ~ 1920

During the 1920s, the schooner, Zurah was captained by the beloved Samuel Sewer. His vessel was an important link in the inter-island trade.  When repairs were needed, […]

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Irma II of the Virgin Islands

Find Your Family on this 1918 Passenger List!

During the early twentieth century, sailing vessels were the lifelines for island residents.   Below are the stories of some of them and their […]

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Glimpse the last known photograph of the ill-fated GAVIOTA at the Creque Marine Railway on Hassel Island ~ 1921 By Valerie Sims

Here’s a Glimpse of an Ill-Fated Schooner Before She Sunk ~ 1921

The Schooner, Gaviota Today marks the 95th anniversary of the hauling of the ill-fated schooner, Gaviota at the Creque Marine Railway.  This beautiful, three-masted, trading […]

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Surveying the damage to the schooner, METEOR at the Creque Marine Railway on Hassel Island in the US Virgin Islands ~ 1920 By Valerie Sims

How Pencil-Written Notes and Photographs Preserved Schooner’s History ~ 1920

The Meteor Today marks the 96th anniversary of the arrival of the vessel, Meteor, at the Creque Marine Railway. Sailing over one hundred miles, […]

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Sailing around the world! Captain Harry Pidgeon of the ISLANDER visits St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands ~ 1937 By Valerie Sims

How One Brave Captain Touched the Hearts of Many As He Sailed Around the World ~ 1937

alt=”Sailing around the world! Captain Harry Pidgeon of the ISLANDER visits St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands ~ 1937 By Valerie […]

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mail boat, virginia

The Mail Schooner, VIRGINIA Visits ~ 1921

The mail schooner, Virginia was originally built in Curacao in the Dutch West Indies. She was one of the hundreds […]

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Pumping out BARGE 718 at the Creque Marine Railway on Hassel Island ~ 1930 By Valerie Sims

Big Job Pumping Out The Barge ~ 1930

In 1930, a potential client representing the United Sugar Company in Humacao, Puerto Rico, inquired about having the company’s barge hauled […]

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SS Prasident transports BVI workers from the Dominican Republic to the Danish West Indies ~ 1912 By Valerie Sims

Sugarcane Laborers Return Home on a German Cargo Ship ~ 1912

During the summer of 1912, many seasonal sugarcane laborers from the British Virgin Islands, working in the Dominican Republic, returned […]

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Tortola sloop wrecked off St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands ~ 1933 By Valerie Sims

Tortola Sloop Caught With Contraband! ~ 1933

From 1920 to 1933, the US Virgin Islands was included in the nationwide ban during prohibition. Despite the law, many inhabitants imported […]

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British sloop, LA GRACIA transports cane workers ~ British Virgin Islands ~ 1918

Carrying Cane Workers ~ 1917

Between 1914 and 1939, the Dominican Sugarcane plantations employed hundreds of seasonal cane workers from the British Virgin Islands! 🇻🇬  According to Canefields of the Dominican Republic, by Will […]

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Auctioning the EDGEWOOD in St. Thomas, Danish West Indies ~ 1920 By Valerie Sims

See the Four-Masted Schooner Before She was Destroyed by Fire ~ 1920

Our ancestors purchased many of their properties at auctions! They bought Cane Garden Bay, Carrot Bay, a portion of Peter Island and Norman Island in the […]

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The inter-island sloop, EAGLE at the Creque Marine Railway on Hassel Island ~ 1920s. By Valerie Sims

Rare Photograph of the EAGLE at the Railway ~ 1920s

Ever wonder what the inter-island sloops were transporting below in their holds? Some may think it contraband and many times […]

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Touring the big ship Malakka in Thomas, US Virgin Islands ~ 1914 By Valerie Sims

A Few Lucky Residents Tour a One of a Kind Wonder Before She Sunk ~ 1914

Many generations of our family have loved touring the vessels that anchored off St Thomas. ⚓  Watching movies on the Carla […]

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Servicing the USS Ranger at the Creque Marine Railway ~ 1925 By Valerie Sims

Servicing the USS RANGER at the Railway ~ 1925

Source: Library of Congress The USS Ranger In August 1924, a deadly hurricane caused severe damage to the homes on Tortola […]

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Raising the MAMIE COYLE at the Creque Marine Railway ~ 1929 By Valerie Sims

Repairing the MAMIE COYLE ~ 1929

Photo Source: Memphis Public Library and Information Center The Creque Marine Railway on Hassel Island provided hauling and marine repair services to […]

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Ship Beautiful, RMS AQUITANIA visits the US Virgin Islands ~ 1938 By Valerie Sims

The Most Beautiful Ship in the World Visits St. Thomas ~ 1938

When I first saw this faded photograph of an ocean liner, I thought I would never know her identity. 📷 Like most of […]

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The Fate of the Mail Boat, TO WINDWARD from the US Virgin Islands ~ 1932 By Valerie Sims

How a Crew Survived their Ship’s Sinking ~ 1932

During the 1920s and 1930s, the yawl, To Windward transported mail and passengers between the islands.  Its owner was Captain Christian Moller. On […]

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