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View of St. Thomas harbor



Here are a few stories you may like.

US Virgin Islands History

Pretty lady St Croix, US Virgin Islands by Helen C. Taylor

Do You Recognize This Pretty Lady From St. Croix? ~ 1939

  Helen C. Taylor Not much in known about Helen C. Taylor, the artist that created this beautiful pastel painting […]

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First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt visits the US Virgin Islands in 1934 by Valerie Sims

First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt Visits the US Virgin Islands ~ 1934

Today in VI History On this day, March 7, 1934, the First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt visited the US Virgin Islands. […]

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Pretty watercolor painting of the Grand Hotel in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands by M NIeld

Pretty Watercolor Rendering of the Grand Hotel ~ 1963

Pretty Watercolor The artist, M. Nield captured the heart of Charlotte Amalie when the Grand Hotel was chosen as a […]

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st Thomas, Enid M. Baa

5 Postcards Offer Interesting Virgin Islands’ History Lessons by Enid M. Baa ~ 1934

Enid M. Baa, Librarian Recently, I’ve been finding the most incredible Virgin Islands memorabilia on eBay! ๐Ÿ“จ This set of […]

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St. Croix Government House Declared a National Historic Site ~ 1932

Today in VI History The Government house in Christiansted, St. Croix was declared a Virgin Islands National Historic Site ~ย March […]

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Sprauve Library, St. John, US Virgin Islands

Historic Home Houses Public Library ~ 1790

The Sprauve Public Library is located in one of the oldest buildings that has survived the ravages of time including […]

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Through the Sands of Time by Judah M. Cohen

Through The Sands of Time Book by Judah M. Cohen

In just a few days, a new documentary about the living history of the oldest Synagogue will be unveiled in […]

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Leo S. Carty paintings of the US Virgin Islands

Beautiful Prints of the US Virgin Islands by Leo S. Carty

Leo S. Carty I love Mr. Carty’s paintings of the Virgin Islands! ๐ŸŽจ They’re beautiful! Don’t you think? His scenes […]

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The Limbo Dance, Too Hot to Handle ~ 1962

I love Ebay for all the fascinating collectibles one can find on the history of the Virgin Islands. ๐Ÿ”ฅ Here’s […]

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seascape painting by eljay torgar

Pretty Seascape Beach Painting by Eljay Torgar Available

Eljay Torgar There’s a pretty watercolor painting of a beach scene in St. Thomasย up for sale on ebay. ๐Ÿ–ผ Asking […]

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St. Croix Masqueraders Painting by Walt Dehner

Who is the True Artist Behind this St. Croix Carnival Painting?

St. Croix Carnival Masqueraders I love finding pretty paintings of the Virgin Islands, whether at an art show,ย auction or online. […]

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Fort Christian ceramic vase

Fort Christian Ceramic Vase up for Sale

Ceramic Vase Check out this handcrafted, historic vase of Fort Chrisitan.๐Ÿ”Ž Only $3.99 on ebay Card says: “Built in 1671 […]

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Charles Lindburgh's plane and flower girl, Margie Creque in St. Thomas ,US Virgin Islands by Valerie Sims

Could This Be Charles Lindbergh’s Flower Girl? ~ 1928

Margie Creque ๐ŸŒบ Family Story: True or Not? Have you ever been told a fascinating story about a member of […]

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St. Croix Hook bracelets, US Virgin Islands, Jewelry

Do You Know the Story Behind these St. Croix-Designed Hook Bracelets?

St. Croix Hook Bracelet Have you seen these popular St. Croix-designed hook bracelets or are you lucky enough to own […]

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Race Relations by Dr. Krigger

Race Relations in the US Virgin Islands book by Dr. Marilyn Krigger ~ 2017

There’s a new book published in December 2017 about the US Virgin Islands! ๐Ÿ“’ Special thanks to David and Priscilla […]

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Minnesota Historical Society

Virgin Islanders Mourn Loss of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ~ 1968

Dr. Martin Luther King, courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society ๐Ÿ““ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The year, 1968 was a […]

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Beautiful Island Paintings by Larry Gluck ~ 1960s

Larry Gluck, Artist Larry Gluck created some of the most captivating scenes of the Virgin Islands on canvas! ๐Ÿ–ผ On […]

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Henry Creque Ten pounds

The Ten Pound Baby!

Ten Pound Baby๐Ÿผ Have you ever discovered articles about your family in the old newspapers?ย  I’ve been thrilled to find […]

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Anansi spider story

Anansi and Company Book by Bish Denham

Our mother loved listening to Anansi stories during her summer holidays at Francis Bay on St. John. ๐Ÿ•ท As a […]

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Creque Marine Railway

See the Damage to the Creque Marine Railway After Hurricanes Irma and Maria

Before Hurricane Damage The Creque Marine Railway is a special, historic property that first became a part of our family’s […]

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Flip Pal Scanner

One of my Favorite Christmas Presents

Flip-Pal Scanner One of my favorite Christmas gifts has lasted the test of time! ๐Ÿ’ป It’s a little battery-operated device […]

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Main Street, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands ~ 1940

A Leisurely Look at Main Street ~ 1940

Main Street Caption on the back of this photograph reads… ๐Ÿ‘€ Practically a free port, foreign made articles like French […]

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Movie Day on Main Street, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands ~ 1963

Movie Day on Main Street ~ 1963

Movie Dayย ๐ŸŽฌ Headlining at the Cinema Theatre was The Victors produced by Carl Foreman. Movie posters promised=> “The six most […]

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Charles Hawes painting of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

Charles Hawes Paints Some of the Prettiest Paintings of St. Croix!

Charles Hawes Artists have found the beauty of the Virgin Islands captivating since the beginning of time. โ›ฑ While on […]

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Interested in the history of the Danishย Westย Indies?

Here are a few stories ...

Who Owned This Popular Corner Store in St. Thomas?

A Romantic History of St. Croix book by Florence Lewisoln

The Beautiful Boston-Built Schooner, GITANA anchors in the Harbor ~ 1899

See the Greatest Show on Earth! ~ 1835

Through The Sands of Time Book by Judah M. Cohen

10 Books David Hamilton Jackson Recommended You Read ~ 1916

Rare Conch Pearls Found! ~ 1906

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, One of the Greatest Living Composers by Alton A. Adams ~ 1910

Pretty Painting up for Auction of the West Indies

Saint Croix 1770 – 1776 book by Robert Amandus Johnson

Danish West Indies Satirical Lithograph for Sale ~ 1901

The Marriage of Opposites Book by Alice Hoffman

Fireburn Book by Apple Gidley

Could This Be Morningstar Beach in St. Thomas?

Strange Fish Caught Off St. Thomas ~ 1857

Christopher Columbus Visits the Virgin Islands ~ 1493

Amazing Photograph Collection Up For Auction! ~ 1911

The Royal Three Quarters of The Town of Charlotte Amalie

Happy David Hamilton Jackson Day!

Honoring Hurricane Heroes Past and Present

How Crown House Survived the Hurricane of 1916

Two Treasured Paintings Document a Memorable Moment in Virgin Islands History ~ 1801

Collecting Postcards From The Past

Witnessing a Solar Eclipse ~ 1897

Unveiling the Bust of King Christian IX ~ 1909

Rare Souvenir Booklet Found! ~ 1897

How a Celebrated Fragrance Lasted the Test of Time ~ 1860s

Telegraph Office Postcard ~ 1909

Very Old Photographs of the Virgin Islands

The First Performance of the ADAMS JUVENILE BAND ~ 1910

The Yacht, Diablesse Visits St. Thomas ~ 1914

The Quest for Buried Treasure Never Dies!

Ever Wonder What St. Thomas Was Like One Hundred Years Ago? Take This Tour…

How Panama Hats Became So Popular ~ 1905

How Strength and Perseverance Gave Coal Carriers a Memorable Legacy

The Thrills and Dangers of Animal-Driven Carts ~ 1906

How the Coaling Women Persevered ~ 1907

Today in Virgin Islands History ~ April 9

How the 40th Anniversary of King Christian IX’s Reign was Celebrated ~ 1903

Early St. Thomas Panoramas ~ 1850s

Pot Sellers of St. Croix ~ 1907

Early Image of the Creque Marine Railway ~ 1912

44 Ships Belonging to the North Atlantic Fleet Pass Very Close to St. Croix ~ 1917

How a Family Historian Discovered Where Hugo Larsen Painted One of His Masterpieces ~ 1905

Honoring Alexander Hamilton’s Birthday

A Famous English Actor Causes Quite a Stir ~ 1903

Celebrating Three King’s Day ~ 1910

Rebuilding a Sunken Sailboat ~ 1916

How One Family Shared the Sad Story of the 1733 Slave Revolt

Lost at Sea! A Jost Van Dyke Sloop Vanishes Without a Trace ~ 1916


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