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Ever wonder what the Virgin Islands was like 100 years ago?

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Vintage Paintings of the Virgin Islands


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Battle of West Kay, Captain Carl V. Jessen

Two Treasured Paintings Document a Memorable Moment in Virgin Islands History ~ 1801

Battle of West Kay, Courtesy of Bruun-Rassmussen, Auctioneers of Fine Art Two Rare Paintings Incredibly, two paintings depicting the Battle of West Kay off St. Thomas are being offered at auction today at Brunn Rasmussen, Auctioneers of Fine Art.  Former Governor, Captain Carl V. Jessen received the golden sword of honor for bravery from King […]

donkeys in st John

Beautiful Sketches Found by Artist, Margaret Casey Gates ~ 1936

Margaret Casey Gates   Casey’s Sketchbook  Discovered in a faded black notebook at the Archives of American Art in Washington DC are a handful of unfinished sketches and watercolors, never before seen of the US Virgin Islands.   They were sketched by an American artist, Margaret Casey Gates.   Mrs. Gates was a painter and art teacher originally […]

Hugo Larsen's Nanny with Baby painting in St. Thomas, Danish West Indies ~ 1905 By Dante Beretta

How a Family Historian Discovered Where Hugo Larsen Painted One of His Masterpieces ~ 1905

By Dr. Dante Beretta   A little over 100 years ago, a talented young Danish artist named Hugo Larsen, visited the Danish West Indies. During his three year sojourn in the West Indies, he spent the majority of his time on the island of St. Thomas, creating many drawings and paintings. My favorite Hugo Larsen is […]

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