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Fun Stories for Visitors

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St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands postcard

Rum Swizzles, Island Tours and Shopping Top One Visitors List ~ 1967

Visitors have loved the Virgin Islands since they first started arriving on steamers at the turn of the century. Others arrived by private yacht and anchored in the beautiful bay.   Recently, I’ve started collecting postcards from past visitors and sharing their comments and thoughts about their holidays. Some are really quite interesting while others […]

The Virgin Islands Postcard

This is the Life in the Virgin Islands ~ 1973

This is the Life I love finding these vintage postcards from visitors! To see the whole collection click on this sentence. This postcard says: Hi– This is the life! We’re coming home fat and lazy. We highly recommend a cruise. These islands are beautiful, especially this one. ~ Jean and Bernie Preman To find the […]

Things are Just as I Hoped for on St. John! ~ 1985

Everything is just as I hoped! I often wonder what visitors think of our beautiful islands. Perusing eBay for some of the old postcards is the perfect place to discover the answers. Some of the old postcards are so interesting to read. For this guest staying in St. John, it was all about the food, the […]

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands Postcard

The Donkeys Bray, the Roosters Crow, But I Could Stay Forever ~ 1950s

Here’s an interesting postcard that captures some of the charm of the islands. 🙂 The Good Ol’ USA “Haiti and Trinidad were wonderful, but this is the spot –nothing like good ol’ U.S.A.” ~Peter Kohl Here is the link to the original postcard for sale.   Follow Our Blog! You can sign up easily below. […]

Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas US Virgin Islands

The Colors Are Unbelievable and the People So Friendly ~ 1950

Here’s another complimentary postcard a visitor sent home in 1950.   Colors Unbelievable!   Dear Peg, – Boy! This is the place! Am getting sooo lazy! The roads are mountain paths. The water, just like this ink. Native food, music, dancing, and DRINKING unimaginable. Every day is a new and different series of experiences. The people […]

1965 Waterfront shopping, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands postcard

Waterfront Shopping, a Novel Experience for Visitors ~ 1965

Shopping for food on the waterfront was a novel idea for tourists.🍍 Here’s what one visitor wrote home: ~ 1965 Waterfront Shopping “I guess when you were younger, food was bought at places other than supermarkets, but I doubt if you have ever bought food as the people on the island do.” ~ Jack   Here […]

Lunch at Bluebeard's Castle, US Virgin Islands

Lunch on the Hotel Terrace ~ 1957

Bluebeard’s Castle is a historic property that dates back to 1689 when the Danish Government built it as a measure of defense. It became a popular luncheon spot when it reopened to the public in the 1930s. In 1934, President Franklin Roosevelt was taken on a tour of the hotel with Governor Pearson and enjoyed a “grand […]

St Thomas, US Virgin Islands postcard

Beautiful Weather Makes One Visitor Want to Stay ~ 1968

Arriving by ship must be an incredible experience for visitors!🚢 When they enter the harbor for the first time, they can see the three hills on which St. Thomas is built, along with Fort Christian which stands guard. Perched on two of the hills are Blackbeard’s Castle and Bluebeard’s Castle to the east, both of which […]

Peter Island, British Virgin Islands postcard

Gentle Breezes and Great Food Make Peter Island a Special Place

Peter Island is truly paradise!  Our of our ancestors purchased the Great Harbor area in 1913 with the hope of turning it into a coaling station. Everything changed when he died a few years later. The property sat for many years until being sold to the present owners of the island. Visitors have loved Peter […]

St. Thomas harbor, Danish West Indies

Visitor Says Danish Islands Not Worth Millions Paid

Lately, I’ve been reading old postcards and finding it quite entertaining to see what visitors thought about the Virgin Islands. Here’s an interesting one from the early 1920s. Danish Islands “This is the harbor and bay.⚓ There is an X over the castles. Remember when the US paid 20 million bucks for the Virgin Islands?   […]

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