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Waterfront vendors, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands postcard

Virgin Islands History and Culture in Photographs

View above St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Old Photographs and Music Bring Virgin Islands History to Life

The Virgin Islands in Old Photographs This is a wonderful video posted by Etienne A. Gibbs with old photographs collected by Ronnie Lockhart. Thank you to both for keeping the island’s history at the forefront! The steel band music of “Mr. Walker” is a calypso song made famous by the Mighty Sparrow. ~ Etienne A. […]

Virgin Isle Hotel, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

The New Virgin Isle Hotel ~ 1950

The Virgin Isle Hotel In 1950, when the Virgin Isle Hotel opened for the first time, it was the talk of the town. Designed by Jac Lessman, it’s architectural and interior decorations were unique to the island. First guests to the $100/day Presidential suites came from Puerto Rico. They were so delighted by the sweeping […]

Who Was David Hamilton Jackson?

  D. Hamilton Jackson D. Hamilton Jackson was an important figure in the struggle for increased civil rights and worker’s rights in the Danish West Indies.  When the islands were under Danish rule, Jackson traveled to Denmark to petition for better living conditions for the working class.   He specifically addressed the issues of: 🗞 Lowering the […]

Creque's Chevrolet, Creque's Alley, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Creque’s Alley and the Famous Folk Band, The Mamas and the Papas

The History of Creque’s Alley Did you know that Creque’s Alley was named for the Main Street merchant, Henry O. Creque? When he purchased the three warehouse buildings and alleyways in 1905, his name became synonymous with the location. Mr. Creque was somewhat of a celebrity himself when he reputedly found treasure in the caves at Norman […]

Ira Smith Painting of Main Street, US Virgin Islands

Why Are The Paintings By Ira Harrington Smith So Popular?

Ira Harrington Smith Have you heard of the artist, Ira Harrington Smith? Ira was a very talented painter whose prized works were extremely popular in St. Thomas. Originally from New Jersey, he moved to the islands and began painting colorful scenes of everyday life. His works featured on the cover of many magazines including the […]

Trumpetbush Flowers

Can You Name the National Flower of the US Virgin Islands?

 The National Flower of the US Virgin Islands The Yellow Cedar is the National flower of the US Virgin Islands. It’s sometimes called Ginger Thomas, but its official name is Tecoma Stans. Growing up, we called this shrub the Yellow Trumpetbush because of its trumpet-shaped flowers which hung in beautiful clusters. They are a true […]

Jim Tillet

Take a Peak Into the Wonderful Workshop of Jim Tillet ~ 1961

Jim Tillet Are you familiar with the unique batik prints created by the artist, Jim Tillet? He made one-of-a-kind batik fabrics that became popular in the 1960s and have become highly collectible now! One browse through an online shop like eBay and you can find some of his pieces that have lasted the test of time. Some […]

Robert Franklin Gates, Market Square, US Virgin Isands

Beautiful Market Square Painting by Robert F. Gates ~ 1936

Market Square, US Virgin Islands © Smithsonian American Art Museum I love discovering artwork from the Virgin Islands, especially unique pieces long forgotten! Here are several that were created in 1936 that captured the colorful and whimsical side of St. Thomas. Robert F. Gates During the summer months, Robert F. Gates and several American artists […]

The Tramway in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Scenic Tramway Cablecars Were A Popular Attraction ~ 1963

The Tramway Cablecars The Tramway was the Caribbean’s biggest attraction when it opened in the 1960s in St. Thomas. This was one of our favorite places to visit as kids. The dramatic cablecar climbed high above Charlotte Amalie with breathtakingly, beautiful views of the harbor and town below. The higher we went, the smaller everything looked […]

Deadman's Chest in British Virgin Islands

Deadman’s Chest is a Real Location in the British Virgins ~ 1923

Have you read Stevenson’s Treasure Island? It’s one of my favorite books! I’m a bit partial having spent so much time on Norman Island, but I enjoy hunting for buried treasure.   Now, instead of hunting on land, I hunt in libraries looking for stories about the Virgin Islands. Here’s an interesting one I found about […]