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Waterfront vendors, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands postcard

Virgin Islands History and Culture in Photographs

Honoring Transfer Day in the Danish West Indies, later the US Virgin Islands ~ 1917 By Valerie Sims

Honoring the Anniversary of TRANSFER DAY ~ 1917

Today marks the 102nd anniversary of the transfer of the Danish West Indies to the United States of America. Fearing Germany’s advances on Denmark and its possessions, as well as protecting their route to the future Panama Canal, the United States purchased the Danish West Indies.   They paid $25,000,000. At the time, the islands were in the most desperate economic situation. […]

Caneel Bay Dock, St. John, US Virgin Islands

M/V Kungsholm, First Ocean Liner to Visit St. John ~ 1958

The Swedish American liner, M/V Kungsholm, looked like one of the largest ships in the world when it was anchored in tiny Caneel Bay. She was gigantic! Maybe because this was the first time in the history of the islands that a luxury ocean liner visited both the island and a US National Park. Filled to maximum […]

Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda, A Beautiful Place with Wonderful Accommodations ~ 1958

Virgin Gorda I love finding and collecting vintage postcards! Here’s one from a guest staying in the British Virgin Islands in 1958. “A beautiful place with wonderful accommodations! Food is simply marvelous with plenty of fruit and fish native to this area. Hurricane Cleo passed by last night, but not much damage here.” HVJ To find […]

Charles Lindburgh's plane and flower girl, Margie Creque in St. Thomas ,US Virgin Islands by Valerie Sims

Could This Be Charles Lindbergh’s Flower Girl? ~ 1928

Margie Creque 🌺 Family Story: True or Not? Have you ever been told a fascinating story about a member of your family and attempted to verify it, only to be frustrated by what you found or didn’t find? My grandmother shared many intriguing stories throughout my childhood, which in turn, ignited my love for genealogy. […]

Creque's Alley, St. Thomas, USVI

A Haunting Experience Above Creque’s Alley #3 in St. Thomas

Creque’s Alley Number 3 This alley, located in St. Thomas, was said to be haunted during the 1930s. 👻 My grandmother lived upstairs with her husband and told us many years later of the sounds she used to hear. It was a private alley and no one but the family really used it. On several […]

American Red Cross Society in the US Virgin Islands

American Red Cross Volunteers Dedicate 100 Years of Service in the US Virgin Islands

The American Red Cross Society Did you know that the American Red Cross has been working in the Virgin Islands for one hundred years? The organization was established under one of the first Naval Governor’s, James Harrison Oliver. Since then, they have been helping residents in their darkest hours. Some of their accomplishments in the […]

Estate Caroline of St. John, Danish West Indies

A Historical Account of the Slave Insurrection on St. John ~ 1733

Today marks the anniversary of one of the darkest days in St. John’s history. Below is an account of that fateful day found in a book entitled, A Historical Account of St. Thomas West India Islands by John P. Knox. The Slave Insurrection of 1733 By John P. Knox A large body of slaves had […]

Happy Thanksgiving Day from the US Virgin Islands.

Happy Thanksgiving from the US Virgin Islands!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family, past, and present. ❤ Thanksgiving for Little Joys 1921 Dear God, from my small world of commonplaces, Of homely tasks and dear loved, circling faces, This day of stubbled fields and steel blue skies, While on the hills Thanksgiving’s mantle lies, I  bring to you my garnered treasure store Of […]

Runaway Virgins New Book by Enrique Corneiro, US Virgin Islands, Danish West Indies

New Book! ~ Runaway Virgins by Enrique Corneiro

Runaway Virgins I recently purchased this brand new book entitled, Runaway Virgins by Enrique Corneiro. It is incredibly moving! Enrique shared over 250 slavery-related advertisements that he curated from the old Danish newspapers to help shine a light on what life was like for the enslaved people of the Danish West Indies, now the US Virgin Islands. More than 300 specific […]

Armistice Day, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands 1918

How the Virgin Islands Celebrated Armistice Day ~ 1918

Armistice Day “On that grey, November morning when the news flashed around the world that war had ceased, humanity gave vent to its flood of emotions in a madness of joy that knew no limit. Forgotten for the moment was the toll of lives and property and ideals that had been paid during the four […]