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Ever wonder what the Virgin Islands was like 100 years ago?

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Visitor's Postcards from the Virgin Islands


Curious about what visitors thought of the Virgin Islands?

Here are a few vintage postcards with their interesting perspectives. 🙂

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St. Thomas harbor, Danish West Indies

Visitor Says Danish Islands Not Worth Millions Paid ~ 1920s

Lately, I’ve been reading old postcards and finding it quite entertaining to see what visitors thought about the Virgin Islands long ago. Here’s an interesting one from the early 1920s. Danish Islands Not Worth Amount Paid “This is the harbor and bay. There is an X over the castles. Remember when the US paid 20 million […]

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Cane Bay Plantation, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

Cane Bay Plantation, A lovely Spot ~ 1969

You can easily understand why visitors found the Virgin Islands so captivating by reading some of the old postcards they sent. 📧 Here’s one from 1969. Cane Bay Plantation “Hello Folks! This is a lovely spot and I’m sure we will be a lazy pair when this week is over. Spent the afternoon on the beach — […]

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Caribbean Belle in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Flamboyants and Buttercups and a Lovely Caribbean Belle ~ 1960s

I love these old postcards that capture a moment in time.  I remember climbing a flamboyant tree similar to the one in the background as a child. It was so much fun. I felt like I was on top of the world! Those were the carefree days before electronic devices dominated our lives. Even visitors […]

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Caneel Bay postcard, St. John, US Virgin Islands 1958

The Lure of Caneel Bay Makes One Visitor Want To Stay ~ 1958

Caneel Bay Caneel Bay Caneel Bay ~ 1958 ⛱ In a postcard home to family, a visitor at Caneel Bay, St. John wrote: “Swimming is a pleasure here, the water is so clear and balmy, and the bottom is soft sand. When we’re not swimming, we enjoy watching the constant changes in tones of the […]

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Scenic St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands ~ 1930s

10 Scenic Views of St. Thomas ~ 1930s

Scenic Views of St. Thomas 🔭 Saint Thomas At mention of thy famous name,  O Island of the Sea! I feel again I have a claim Within thy boundary. I live again the vivid scene Of childhood’s fitful hour, An thou’rt always so serene, My fabled Iv’ry tower! What heart-pangs I have known beneath The blossoms […]

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Postcards from the Past ~ Danish West Indies

Collecting Postcards From The Past

I love collecting various postcards of the Danish West Indies and the British Virgin Islands.   Here is a small sampling from St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John.  Based on this advertisement from 1913, it’ll take a lifetime to collect all of them. 🙂 Postcards from the Past      This Virgin Islands postcard […]

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very old photographs of the Virgin Islands

Very Old Photographs of the Virgin Islands

Another great set of vintage photos available on eBay! 🎥 Here’s the link, only $20 for all 4 on eBay.  They won’t last long! Update: These have been sold. Emancipation Park   Follow Our Blog! You can sign up easily here. SaveSave

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Scenic view of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands ~ 1936

Panoramic View of St. Thomas ~ 1936

Scenic view of St. Thomas taken in 1936 📷 Around this time, Secretary Harold L. Ickes was visiting the islands, Snipe boat racing was popular and the motor vessel, Flamingo was making scheduled trips to St. John.   Learn more about Harold L. Ickes at amazon

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