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Queen Elizabeth in Tortola, British Virgin Islands

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British Virgin Islands History

Ann True Story by Flordelisa Mota

Ann True Story Book by Flordelisa Mota

The author and I share a love of BVI history!  While I am still researching my family’s lives in Anegada, […]

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Treasure Hunting with Tony Creque on Norman Island, British Virgin Islands by Valerie Sims

Fun-Times Treasure Hunting with Tony Creque ~ 1986

Have you ever had a family member that made you laugh just to be in their presence? 😊 For me, […]

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Sun, Sand, Murder in Anegada, British Virgin Islands

Sun, Sand and Murder Mystery Book by John Keyse-Walker

Here’s a new book set in the tiny island of our ancestors, Anegada.  Thanks to Sophie Schiller, author of Transfer […]

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Hurricane of 1916 in St. Croix, Danish West Indies

A Hurricane Prayer for the Protection of the Virgin Islands

After Hurricane Irma hit the Virgin Islands destroying everything in its path, I started to think about life differently. ⛈ […]

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The Solar Eclipse in the Danish West Indies ~ 1897

Local Star Gazers Turned out to See a Solar Eclipse ~ 1897

The Solar Eclipse As exciting as it was for many to witness the recent solar eclipse, imagine what it was […]

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Touring the Old Sugar Works Museum, Tortola, British Virgin Islands ~ 1780

Join Me on This Tour of the Lower Estate Sugar Works Museum ~ 1780

Museum Through the welcoming doorway of this old museum is an intriguing time capsule that transports the visitor back in […]

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Wreck of the HMS Rhone, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

New Book Launched, Twice She Struck, The Story of RMS RHONE

New Book Launching I recently attended a fascinating presentation on the launching of a new book about the fate of […]

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Tortola Manatee caught in Fishing Net, British Virgin Islands ~ 1899

Evidence Found! Proof of Manatees Existing in Tortola ~ 1899

Manatees Found In Tortola Learn more about Manatees at Follow Our Blog! You can sign up easily here.   […]

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The Loss of the British sloop, KITE from Tortola, British Virgin Islands ~ 1901 By Valerie Sims

The Disappearance of the Fishing Sloop, KITE ~ 1901

Note: This image is a part of the Estus H. Magoon Collection, Item No. 1398. It was used to share […]

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Postcards in the British Virgin Islands ~ 1902

Past Postcards from the British Virgin Islands ~ 1902

Those were the days when all you needed was the name of the addressee and the island to send postcards. […]

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Rebuilding a Sunken Sailboat ~ 1916

Rebuilding a Sunken Sailboat ~ 1916

The Schooner, Eagle Last year, I shared a fascinating story about the inter-island sloop, Eagle. Included were rare photographs of her crew […]

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Lost at Sea! A Jost Van Dyke Sloop Vanishes Without a Trace ~ 1916

Imagine saying farewell to your loved one at the dock as they boarded a boat, then discovering later that they […]

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Running a Rockin' Rock Bar on Norman Island, British Virgin Islands

Running a Rockin’ Rock Bar on Norman Island ~ 1990s

During the 1990s, my husband and I opened a beach bar on an uninhabited island in the British Virgin Islands. […]

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Hurricane of 1867, British Virgin Islands history, Danish West Indies history, By Valerie Sims

ON THIS DAY, The Devastating Hurricane of 1867 hit the British Virgin Islands and Danish West Indies

ON THIS DAY, the costliest and deadliest hurricane of 1867, hit the British Virgin Islands and the Danish West Indies! […]

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The Loss of the Spider ~ 1916 By Valerie Sims

The Disappearance of the Sloop, SPIDER ~ 1916

St. Thomas was struck by one of the most destructive hurricanes in the history of the Danish West Indies! ⚡ The […]

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The schooner, Fancy Me, from Tortola 1926

The Sinking of the Schooner, FANCY ME ~ 1926

Launching The Fancy Me  The Fancy Me was a locally-built schooner that became infamous when she was lost in a hurricane with […]

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Sailing canoe, YAKABOO with Captain Frederik Fenger at the helm, visits the British Virgin Islands in 1911. By Valerie Sims.

Follow Along as the YAKABOO Island Hops Through the British Virgins ~ 1911

  It was Thursday, June 22nd, the Coronation Day of George the Fifth, when a little sailing canoe anchored in the […]

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The schooner, ZUHRAH at the Creque Marine Railway on Hassel Island ~ 1920 By Valerie Sims

Finding a Few Photographs and Invoices Keeps One Schooner’s History Alive ~ 1920

During the 1920s, the schooner, Zurah was captained by the beloved Samuel Sewer. His vessel was an important link in the inter-island trade.  When repairs were needed, […]

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Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip visit Tortola, British Virgin Islands ~ 1977

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Enjoy their Visit to the British Virgin Islands ~ 1977

Queen Elizabeth II visits the British Virgin Islands By Valerie Sims In 1977, my uncle, Ron Walker, photographed Queen Elizabeth […]

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Irma II of the Virgin Islands

Find Your Family on this 1918 Passenger List!

During the early twentieth century, sailing vessels were the lifelines for island residents.   Below are the stories of some of them and their […]

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Celebrating Harvest Festival in Tortola, British Virgin Islands at St. George's Church in 1912. By Valerie Sims

How Harvest Festival was Celebrated in Tortola ~ 1912

Harvest Festival celebrations were an integral part of life in the British Virgin Islands!    It was a time when families appreciated […]

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SS Prasident transports BVI workers from the Dominican Republic to the Danish West Indies ~ 1912 By Valerie Sims

Sugarcane Laborers Return Home on a German Cargo Ship ~ 1912

During the summer of 1912, many seasonal sugarcane laborers from the British Virgin Islands, working in the Dominican Republic, returned […]

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British sloop, LA GRACIA transports cane workers ~ British Virgin Islands ~ 1918

Carrying Cane Workers ~ 1917

Between 1914 and 1939, the Dominican Sugarcane plantations employed hundreds of seasonal cane workers from the British Virgin Islands! 🇻🇬  According to Canefields of the Dominican Republic, by Will […]

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The Loss of the British sloop, SYRIA off St. Thomas, Danish West Indies ~ 1912 By Valerie Sims

Sad Sea Catastrophe: The Loss of the British Sloop, SYRIA ~ 1912

The history of the Creque family is filled with intrigue and adventure!   However, it also has its fair share of calamities. Six branches […]

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