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Vintage Paintings of the Virgin Islands

Curious about the artwork and paintings of the Virgin Islands?

Here are a few beautiful creations. 🎨

Camille Pissarro Painting from the Danish West Indies

Newly Discovered Camille Pissarro Painting Up For Auction!

Portrait of a Boy 1852 – 1855 This rare painting is an incredible find!  It is a Camille Pissarro painting, truly a one of a kind original by the famed impressionist. It’s been examined first hand by the Wildenstein Institute and authenticated. Camille Pissarro Camille Pissarro was born on the island of St. Thomas in […]

Coconut Palm Tree Painting in the Virgin Islands

Colorful Coconut Palm Tree Painting For Sale

Coconut Palm Tree This is such beautiful painting of a coconut palm tree that I thought I would share it with you. Some think it was painted at Solomon Beach on St. John.  Without knowing who the artist is or any further information, I can’t say for sure.   I attempted to find other artists […]

Jens Holm coastal scene of St. Thomas, Danish West Indies

Colorful Coastal Scene of St. Thomas on Auction ~ 1824

Coastal Scene of St. Thomas So many artists have attempted to capture the beauty of the islands in their paintings. 🎨 Rightly so, the Virgin Islands is stunning! This unique print of St. Thomas is close to 200 years old! Unfortunately, the print sold before I had a chance to share the listing. It was […]

View of St. Thomas from Havensight, Danish West Indies ~ 1809

Rare View of St. Thomas From Havensight ~ 1809

View of St. Thomas The auction house of Bruun Rasmussen offers some of the most unique artwork and artifacts from the Danish West Indies. Yesterday, this detailed print of St. Thomas was sold for 3,200 kroner or approximately $528.00 US dollars. It’s a rare view taken from Havensight that you don’t often see. Joseph Constantine […]

Beautiful painting by Russ Elliott of St. Thomas.

Beautiful Painting of St. Thomas Harbor for Sale ~ 1986

Russ Elliott Russ Elliott’s paintings can be found in many high-end hotels and estates throughout the world! Known for his murals and custom work, Russ has traveled extensively painting for exclusive clients.   When he was in St. Thomas, he created artwork for Blackbeard’s Castle, the Louisenhoj Castle, and painted a huge Palm Mural in St. […]

W. Harold Hancock paints the Virgin Islands

Do You Know the Location of this Colorful Painting?

Colorful Painting Hundreds of artists have captured the beauty of the Virgin Islands in their own way. 🎨 Street scenes, panoramic views, harbor views and many more have come to life on their canvases right before their eyes. Our most famous artist, born on the island of St. Thomas, was Camille Pissarro. He was known […]

Pretty lady St Croix, US Virgin Islands by Helen C. Taylor

Do You Recognize This Pretty Lady From St. Croix? ~ 1939

  Helen C. Taylor Not much in known about Helen C. Taylor, the artist that created this beautiful pastel painting of a young girl in St. Croix. However, in 1935, I learned that Miss Taylor was on the committee with Miss Enid Baa to be a judge for the Peabody Prize Essay contest, which was sponsored […]

Pretty watercolor painting of the Grand Hotel in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands by M NIeld

Pretty Watercolor Rendering of the Grand Hotel ~ 1963

Pretty Watercolor The artist, M. Nield captured the heart of Charlotte Amalie when the Grand Hotel was chosen as a focal point for this pretty watercolor painting.  The rendering was made around 1963, but no information is readily available about the artist other than the last name. Perhaps with further research, I’ll learn more and […]

Leo S. Carty paintings of the US Virgin Islands

Beautiful Prints of the US Virgin Islands by Leo S. Carty

Leo S. Carty I love Mr. Carty’s paintings of the Virgin Islands! 🎨 They’re beautiful! Don’t you think? His scenes of daily life seem so pure, kids playing at the seashore, women washing clothes, families spending time together. Many of Mr. Carty’s paintings depict life during the turn of the 20th century, despite the fact […]

Seascape painting by Eljay Torgar of the Virgin Islands

Pretty Seascape Beach Painting by Eljay Torgar Available

Eljay Torgar There’s a pretty watercolor painting of a beach scene in St. Thomas up for sale on ebay. 🖼 Asking price is $650.00. Eljay and her husband Mark lived in St. Thomas and spent years lecturing for cruise ship lines on travel photography and the arts.  At one time, Eljay hosted a CBS TV program […]

St. Croix Masqueraders Painting by Walt Dehner

Who is the True Artist Behind this St. Croix Carnival Painting?

St. Croix Carnival Masqueraders I love finding pretty paintings of the Virgin Islands, whether at an art show, auction or online. 🎨 Here’s one from eBay that caught my attention. Walt Dehner Walt Dehner was a North American artist whose paintings have been described as “having a soul“. His use of “color, light, and movement” distinguished […]

Fort Christian ceramic vase, US Virgin Islands

Fort Christian Ceramic Vase up for Sale

Ceramic Vase Check out this handcrafted, historic vase of Fort Chrisitan.🔎 Only $3.99 on ebay Card says: “Built in 1671 and named in honor of King Christian V. It served as Governor’s residence, Church, Town Hall, Police Station, Jail, and now, the VI Museum.” You don’t want to miss our newsletter! Sign up below!SaveSave SaveSave […]

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