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Here are a few stories about St. John's history you may like. You can get the latest story delivered to your inbox.

St. John, US Virgin Islands History

St. John School Children in US Virgin Islands

Rare Photograph Found of St. John School Children ~ 1930s

St. Johnians, doย you recognize these school children in this vintage photograph? Could they be yourย family members? In 1933, Civil Engineer, […]

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Remembering Doris Jadan of St. John, US Virgin Islands

Remembering A Special Neighbor, Doris Jadan

Tomorrow will be twelve years since our good friend and neighbor, Doris Jadan passed away. Had the opportunity to visit […]

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Queen Margrethe II of Denmark visits the U.S. Virgin Islands.

A Visit by Queen Margrethe II of Denmark ~ 1976

Queen Margrethe II Queen Margrethe II and her family’s visit to the islands was a monumental event for many! I […]

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The St. John-Pelican Cay boat races in the US Virgin Islands in 1937 By Valerie Sims

Watching the St. John-Pelican Cay Sloop Race ~ 1937

Boat racing was one of the sports our great-grandparents loved watching! In 1937, hundreds of spectators enjoyed watching a sailboat […]

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