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On Aug 6, 1977, a new world record Blue Marlin was caught off St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. By Valerie Sims

How A World Record Blue Marlin Was Caught ~ 1977

Blue marlin tournaments became very popular in St. Thomas after John Battles set an all-tackle world record in 1964.   He […]

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First Virgin Islands Library

The First Public Library Opens ~ 1920

  For generations, many citizens longed for a public library in the Virgin Islands! With the generous help of the […]

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Happy Thanksgiving Day from the US Virgin Islands.

Happy Thanksgiving from the US Virgin Islands!


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Celebrating Peruvian Independence in St. Thomas, Danish West Indies.

Peruvian Independence Celebrated ~ 1916

During the history of the Danish West Indies, the honoring of Peruvian Independence was an important commemoration. 🇵🇪    The History […]

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Celebrating July 4th in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands in the 1930s

Celebrating July 4th ~ 1930s

July 4th is the most significant day in the history of America!🇺🇸 Colonists from thirteen states, having outlined their list of grievances […]

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Veteran postman Joseph Lorand accepts award in the Danish West Indies ~ 1911 By Valerie Sims

Honoring the Veteran Postman ~ 1903

Recently, several friends on Facebook have wondered about the identity of a Veteran Postman seen in this postcard image above. […]

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Grundlov Celebration

GRUNDLOV Constitution Celebrated! ~ 1914

The Grundlov Celebration ON THIS DAY in 1914, the Grundlov celebration took place at the Apollo theatre in St. Thomas.  This […]

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Honoring Memorial Day in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

Memorial Day Honored ~ 1935

Memorial Day Memorial Day was a solemn holiday recognized in the US Virgin Islands as a day of remembrance. Similar […]

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Queen Margrethe II of Denmark visits the U.S. Virgin Islands.

A Visit by Queen Margrethe II of Denmark ~ 1976

Queen Margrethe II Queen Margrethe II and her family’s visit to the islands was a monumental event for many! I […]

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Dedicating the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park in the US Virgin Islands ~ 1945 By Valerie Sims

Dedicating the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Park ~ 1945

 Hundreds of citizens gathered at the Roosevelt Memorial Park to celebrate I am an American Day.  The date was May 20, 1945. A […]

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Sisters of Charity honor anniversary of Redemptorist fathers in the US Virgin Islands ~ 1958 By Valerie Sims

How the Catholic Community Celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Arrival of the Order of the Redemptorists’ Fathers ~ 1858-1958

From Rt to Lt, Sister Cecelia (Kindergarten teacher, Sister Maria Rose, 1st-grade teacher, Sister Anita Agnes. Far left is Sister […]

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Henri Konow

How the VALKYRIEN’S Band Honored Their Commander ~ 1916

HMS Valkyrien After rumors of an impending disturbance among the laboring class began to surface, the local government sent a […]

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