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First revival majorettes



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Sisters of Charity honor anniversary of Redemptorist fathers in the US Virgin Islands ~ 1958 By Valerie Sims

How the Catholic Community Celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Arrival of the Order of the Redemptorists’ Fathers ~ 1858-1958

From Rt to Lt, Sister Cecelia (Kindergarten teacher, Sister Maria Rose, 1st-grade teacher, Sister Anita Agnes. Far left is Sister […]

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Henri Konow

How the VALKYRIEN’S Band Honored Their Commander ~ 1916

HMS Valkyrien After rumors of an impending disturbance among the laboring class began to surface, the local government sent a […]

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First revival majorettes

First Carnival Majorette Group! ~ 1952

Did you know that the first Carnival in the history of the Virgin Islands was celebrated in 1912? Donkey races, costumed […]

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Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip visit Tortola, British Virgin Islands ~ 1977

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Enjoy their Visit to the British Virgin Islands ~ 1977

Queen Elizabeth II visits the British Virgin Islands  By Valerie Sims In 1977, my uncle, Ron Walker, photographed Queen Elizabeth […]

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graduation party

How Graduation Celebrations at Lindbergh Bay Became the Best Memories ~ 1953

I smile every time I see this photograph of my mother and her friends!😊 As teenagers, she and her closest cousins loved […]

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Snipe boat racing in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

The Popularity of Snipe Boat Racing ~ 1936

During the 1930s, Snipe boat racing was an exciting sport in the islands! ⛵ Snipe Boats The first Snipe boat was designed […]

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President Franklin D. Roosevelt vists St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands ~ 1934 By Valerie Sims

Thousands Greeted President Franklin D. Roosevelt On His Virgin Islands Visit ~ 1934

From L to R: Honorable Herman O. Creque, representing St. John (great-grandfather), Unknown Council member, Honorable Herbert E. Lockhart, Unknown […]

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Celebrating Harvest Festival in Tortola, British Virgin Islands at St. George's Church in 1912. By Valerie Sims

Celebrating Harvest Festival ~ 1912

Harvest Festival celebrations were an integral part of life in the British Virgin Islands!    It was a time when families appreciated […]

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The formation of the prevention of cruelty to animals in st thomas, Danish West Indies ~ 1914 By Valerie Sims

How the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Was Formed ~ 1914

The Bethany Mission House was the site of many important meetings in the history of the Danish West Indies.   On January 20, […]

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The airship, USS Los Angeles visits St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands ~ 1925 By Valerie SIms

The Arrival of an Airship! ~ 1925

In 1925, one of the most remarkable events occurred in the history of the Virgin Islands.     An incredible […]

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The Welterweight Champion of the Virgin Islands, El Matahombre ~ 1932 By Valerie Sims

How a Welterweight Champion Won His Title ~ 1932

Copyrighted © 2016 Valerie Sims. All Rights Reserved. During the 1930s, supporting the welterweight champion was big entertainment in the US Virgin Islands. While […]

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The Inauguration of the FIRST civilian Governor, Paul M. Pearson in the US Virgin Islands ~ 1931 By Valerie Sims

The Inauguration of the FIRST Civilian Governor ~ 1931

Photo: G.T. Small On March 18, 1931, anticipation grew to new heights as a record crowd of 7,000 residents gathered at […]

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