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King Christian's statue in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

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The History of the Danish West Indies

Camille Pissarro Painting from the Danish West Indies

Newly Discovered Camille Pissarro Painting Up For Auction!

Portrait of a Boy 1852 – 1855 This rare painting is an incredible find!ย  It is a Camille Pissarro painting, […]

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Cinnamon Bay by Fritz Melbye painting

Cultural Adaptation & Resistance on St. John Book by Karen Fog Olwig

Here’s an interesting book about the history of St. John that I’m planning on reading this summer. Below you’ll find […]

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Vintage Photograph Album of the Danish West Indies

190 Vintage Photographs of the Danish West Indies Up for Auction!

Vintage Photograph Album A rare album containing more than 190 vintage photographs from theย Danish West Indies and US Virgin Islands […]

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Jens Holm coastal scene of St. Thomas, Danish West Indies

Colorful Coastal Scene of St. Thomas on Auction ~ 1824

Coastal Scene of St. Thomas So many artists have attempted to capture the beauty of the islands in their paintings. […]

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View of St. Thomas from Havensight, Danish West Indies ~ 1809

Rare View of St. Thomas From Havensight ~ 1809

View of St. Thomas The auction house of Bruun Rasmussen offers some of the most unique artwork and artifacts from […]

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St. Thomas harbor, Danish West Indies

Visitor Says Danish Islands Not Worth Millions Paid ~ 1920s

Lately, I’ve been reading old postcards and finding it quite entertainingย to see what visitors thought about the Virgin Islands long […]

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Estate Concordia on St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

Rare Document Collection Up For Sale From Estate Concordia on St. Croix

Estate Concordia Documents There’s a rare collection of documents about St. Croix’s history on sale today! The documents cover Estate […]

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St. Thomas Temperance Society Extolls the Virtues of Abstaining from Alcohol ~ 1911

St. Thomas Temperance Society   “Too few men have been given such opportunity for worthy service, and fewer still have […]

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Ludvig A. Thraen store, St. Thomas, Danish West Indies now the US Virgin Islands

Who Owned This Popular Corner Store in St. Thomas?

ย Popular Corner Store I was pleasantly surprised to locate this photograph recently. It provided the location of one of the […]

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The Romantic history of St Croix, US Virgin Islands book

A Romantic History of St. Croix Book by Florence Lewisoln

The Romantic History of St. Croix By Florence Lewisoln For those invested in the history of the islands, this is […]

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Schooner, Gitana visits the Virgin Islands

The Beautiful Boston-Built Schooner, GITANA anchors in the Harbor ~ 1899

Schooner, Gitana Have a glimpse at one of the prettiest yachts to visit the Danish West Indies.ย ๐Ÿ”Ž Gitana was a […]

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Indian elephant visits St. Thomas, Danish West Indies, now US Virgin islands

See the Greatest Show on Earth! ~ 1835

Did you know that the circus came to St. Thomas? Not just once, but many times!ย  However, this show was […]

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Through the Sands of Time by Judah M. Cohen

Through The Sands of Time Book by Judah M. Cohen

In just a few days, a new documentary about the living history of the oldest Synagogue will be unveiled in […]

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David Hamilton Jackson

10 Books David Hamilton Jackson Recommended You Read ~ 1916

David Hamilton Jackson David Hamilton Jackson wasย a staunch labor-rights activist and educator from St. Croix.ย  He felt strongly about “uplifting […]

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conch shell

Rare Conch Pearls Found! ~ 1906

Conch Pearls Have you ever had Conch Fritters or Stewed Conch? They are delicious specialties found in the Caribbean and […]

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Alton A Adams of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, One of the Greatest Living Composers by Alton A. Adams ~ 1910

Alton A. Adams The First Black Bandmaster in the US Navy Alton A. Adams, a gifted musician, wrote many articles […]

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Pretty Painting of Danish West Indies

Pretty Painting up for Auction of the West Indies

Pretty Painting The Danish auction house of Bruun Rasmussen represents some of the most beautiful and obscure items that originated […]

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St. Croix by Robert Amandus Johnson

Saint Croix 1770 – 1776 book by Robert Amandus Johnson

Robert Amandus Johnson My beloved friend, Bob Johnson wrote a fascinating account of the early history of the Virgin Islands […]

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Danish West Indies lithograph for sale

Danish West Indies Satirical Lithograph for Sale ~ 1901

Lithograph This double-page image from Judge magazine satirizes American politics in the wake of the Spanish-American War. ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ฐ It centers […]

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The Marriage of Opposites by Alice Hoffman

The Marriage of Opposites Book by Alice Hoffman

The Marriage of Opposites From the New York Times bestselling author of The Dovekeepers and The Museum of Extraordinary Things […]

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Fireburn in St. Croix, Danish West Indies

Fireburn Book by Apple Gidley

Fireburn Book There’s a new book available about one of the most horrific events that took place on the island […]

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Painting by Viggo Johansen

Could This Be Morningstar Beach in St. Thomas?

For those of you familiar with the Virgin Islands, doesn’t this painting above look like it was painted at Morningstar […]

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Strange fish caught off St. Thomas, Danish West Indies ~ 1857

Strange Fish Caught Off St. Thomas ~ 1857

One of the strangest fish ever caught off the Virgin Islands was thrown aboard by the wheel of a steamer […]

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Christopher Columbus visits St. Croix, US Virgin Islands ~ 1493

Christopher Columbus Visits the Virgin Islands ~ 1493

  Christopher Columbus This week marks another milestone in Virgin Islands history ~ย  November 14, 1493   Christopher Columbus, sailing […]

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